How Can We Help?

Our maps contain the most comprehensive tower industry data available, along with a wealth of information designed to increase your efficiency and help you avoid regulatory hurdles in building out your network.   See below for more detailed feature information.

If you’d prefer to have us scrub your rings, we can do that.  Just call or e-mail us to discuss.  Volume discounts are available.

Map Features

  • Detailed information on existing and proposed sites, including links to tower co and regulatory homepages.
  • County parcel data*
  • SHPO* and National Register historic data
  • Federal floodplain and wetlands data
  • Easy search and navigation
  • Measurement function for distance or area.
  • Drawing/markup tools to create presentation images
  • Geospatial functions (e.g. buffer query) for users with existing ArcGIS accounts
  • Add your own data to the maps (not stored, for your privacy & protection)
  • Coordinate conversion
  • Large basemap selection
  • Google Maps links to allow you to review street view images.

* where available